New year, new logo! Like it??? 

I am writing this blog from my death-bed so I hope you all appreciate my last words. Just kidding, but it does suck getting sick the last few days before you have to go back to work. We spent a CRAZY new years making gluten-free pizza and going to sleep by 10 pm so I know how to start a new year off right. Not a joke at all, that was EXACTLY how I wanted to spend new years. With Billy and my lunatic pack of dogs. I could have done without the cold, but otherwise I am happy staying at home and not freezing my nips off in this ridiculous weather. I have been off work for 11 days with no other company besides dogs so clearly I have had some time to think. 

I am not one to make a resolution for the new year or do any kind of challenge. For one, I am super happy with my life (especially this past year) and have worked through all of my inner issues over the last few years with out these things. Two, I feel resolutions and challenges can lead to a lot of let down, self hate and stress. I don’t really feel like starting out my year by getting down on myself because I missed a workout or ate a half a loaf of ginger banana bread

Yesterday through the delirium of cold medicine and hot toddy’s I felt the need to tell Billy about my new type of “resolution” I think we should make for this next year. I saw a post on Trader Joes instagram story of all places that actually made me stop and think. It said, “At your funeral no one is going to say, she had a really expensive couch and the nicest shoes”. Everyone knows I basically own all black clothes and dress like a 12-year-old boy so the clothing aspect of that quite isn’t what really got me. BUT I realize there are things that I really want to experience and sometimes I get in my own way. So, this year I am going to break my own rule and you should too. 

2018 won’t be the year for beating yourself up, sticking to strict rules or signing up for impossible challenges that make you feel like sh*t. This will be the year for saying yes to things that push you and no to things that are boring AF. I am notorious for giving myself a stress related illness over money issues we don’t have. There are two things I care about: healthy, ethically grown and raised food, and vodka. Besides that, we are going to cut back where we need to so we can go one some epic hiking trips, go out with friends and just say yes a little lot more.

So this year promise yourself a few things that matter: 

  • Let go of people and relationships that don’t serve you, cause you stress or don’t make your life better. Dont stress about it and let those people go. Its freeing.
  • Say yes a LOT. Even to go out to drinks when you don’t really feel like it. You have no idea who you might meet or run into. 
  • Be smart about your spending. You KNOW there are things you just don’t need that you are spending money on. Looking at you my fellow Starbucks friends. Then save that money for an amazing trip or experience, 

Happy 2018 everyone! New things in store for my page too so stay posted! XOXO

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