I am writing to you from the quarantine bunker that is my office right now. My husband came down with the plague on Friday and I have been doing everything in my power to not contract what ever disease he has. So basically I have been mainlining garlic and honey. On top of my usual ACV and water on water. Its a good thing I basically wore a blanket to work today to keep my garlic stink in. There is DEFINITELY a lame Dane Cook joke that goes in here somewhere. Remember when he used to be funny? Anyway, I’m freezing my nips off in my office trying to get my life together and it is not working. This weekend totally threw my schedule off and I have to tell you that really fucks me up. I love my routine and this weekend it snowed AND we got infected by some ungodly sickness. So here I am. Not working out and definitely not cleaning my shit hole of an office. Yay monday.

Edit: It is now Wednesday because I procrastinate. 

But there is some good news. We settle on our house in 7 days!! Who would have ever thought I would say those words. NOT ME. Especially since fucking Barb has been throwing everything at me to make this the most stressful time of my life. Fucking Barb is the mortgage guys assistant or executor of all things shitty. I can’t even just call her Barb anymore. Fucking Barb can’t even spell my name right and I am about to sign over every ounce of my being to this woman.

If you have never bought a house or tried to get a mortgage… prepare to have every inch of your life invaded. Seriously, the amount of information I have had to give to these people has been ridiculous.And then when you do get it to them its in the wrong form. I am waiting for them to ask for a vial of blood and my non existant first born child. Buying a house went from really exciting to overwhelmingly stressful really fast. I have never recieved so many emails in one day asking for things that I had no idea how to get. And then they dont email you for days!?! Its like a really bad high school relationship. And I didnt have one of those so I thought I was in the clear. Wtf Barb. 

BUT one things I cant WAIT to do is get into our new kitchen! One thing we were looking for was a decent kitchen since thats where we spend almost all of our time. And with a Chef husband we definitely need some space. Our kitchen isnt the biggest but there is a completely useless dining room right next to it that will make the perfect addition space. But until then I will just fill our regual looking kitchen with awesome stuff. Over the 4 years we have been together we have some pretty legit kitchen gear. So here is my list of kitchen must haves! Anddddd a few I will haves in the future because I cant control myself. 



Cutletry and Utensils:


All the bullet points above are clickable but if you are like me, here are the visuals of some of these beautiful things. I will be completely honest with you… I am not the greatest in the kitchen. My passion for food and how it makes you feel completely changed when I switched from vegetarianism to Paleo. When I met my husband I though that a microwaved bag of rice and mush vegetables was a perfectly acceptable meal. Let me remind you … I MARRIED A CHEF. This poor guy put up with me for 4 years on eating the most boring shit on the planet. But once we changed our lifestyle I was really excited to be more involved in the kitchen even though I had no idea what I was doing. Chef hardass Billy wouldnt let me do annnyyyythinggggg. Probably for fear of my cutting my fingers off so that was fair. But now I am up to cooking full meals! So there is a little hope for me. 



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