I dont know what kind of winter this is but I am LOVING it! Last week I called off of work because it pretended to snow and this week it is getting into the 70’s. Our sickness hung around a little longer than expected but by the the weekend we were back to normal. 

Which was perfect timing because Sunday we had a few friends over for brunch! I. LOVE. BRUNCH. I guess that happens when champagne is involved and you start eating meat again after 8 years. 

But the most important thing that happened was… I MADE MOST FUCKING DELICIOUS DONUTS. Gluten free and covered in Rose infused icing. They were beautiful. And I realized again how great I am at baking. I love it! Look at these sparkly bitches. 

So I have decided to use my new found skills and perfect a few more sugar filled treats. And guess what?!?! I will make them all for you too so the stupid gluten free kid in the class can eat the birthday cupcakes too. He wont feel bad his crunchy hippy mom decided his fate for him. 

You also know I am totally kidding because I am %100 gluten free for pure health reasons. So relax.

ANYWAY. Now that I am a complete oxymoron and living a paleo life while shoving sugar down peoples throats, lets continue. Clearly I will be tasting whatever I am making (hello you cant just LOOK at Macarons) and I am going to need to stay on point with my workouts. 

My absolute favorite is a circuit. Fast paced, high intensity, and nearly death causing. But so worth it because you dont have to run and you only have to hate your life for 30-40 minutes. Plus you can do it at home! Personally I dont give a shit if people watch me at the gym or think that I am weird, but if you are not into the gym then this is for you. We change it up every day but here is whats on the books for today: 

3-4 rounds, No rest in between exercises, 30 second rest between rounds

  • 15 Burpees
  • 15 Goblet squats
  • 15 (each side) Plank with lateral weight drag
  • 15 (each side) back lunge with kettle bell pass through 
  • 15 Push ups w/ row (renegade row)
  • 20 Kettle bell swing
  • 10-15 Dead lifts
  • 15 Thrusters 

Today I was on my own so I added some tuck jumps. I havent done Insanity for a while so doing tuck jump was like trying to life my ass out a pool of nutella. And my husband is just so awesome so he put a mirror down there so I can actually see how uncoordinated and awkward I am. It is no wonder why I cant dance since I cant do a simple high knee move without looking like a new born animal. 

Eh whatever I sweat my balls off in 30 min which is great because I refuse to do much more than that. Tomorrow is a rest day and Saturday I get to jiu jitsu a little kid so… its safe to say I will need that rest day to get ready to get my ass kicked. 

Cheers to me. 




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