Happy (late ) Valentines day lovers!!! Did you doing something so romantic yesterday?! I’ll be honest. I don’t really give a shit about valentines day. But you better believe I will be all kinds of butt hurt if I get something for Billy and he doesn’t get me something. That only happened once because he took the “don’t get me anything because we are saving for a house” thing a little too seriously. Like HELLO you can get me a card or something. But I am pretty sure everyone goes through that. Guys… when they say don’t get you something that is a lie. Unless you make for SURE that you are both getting each other nothing but some booty.  

So because we are clearly perfect together we both came home with my favorite chocolate. Not that gross heart shaped candy box because I would throat punch a bitch if I saw that. I am talking Justin’s PB cups, Sun butter cups, and Primal Kitchens dark chocolate almond bars. And of course mini york peppermint patties because I have a problem. 

Since we are old people we already had our Valentine’s day dinner on Saturday. I seriously hate doing anything during the week… it really runs into my 9pm bedtime. It was the first time we have gone out in months so let me tell you this was an event. We went to 8th and Union Kitchen which turns out to be one of the only places that has a menu where I can eat almost anything. ALL GLUTEN FREE EVERYTHING. We shared Buffalo cauliflower, chicken lettuce wraps, tuna tacos, and pho. I would have taken pictures but the ambiance was too perfect and dark. And listen to me. LISTEN. Half price drinks 4-7… on a SATURDAY. These people have been sent from heaven. 

So all I learned from this weekend is: 

  1. I am basically a craft master because I successfully measured and cut 1 piece of molding. Boom. Bad ass. 
  2. I am the BEST procrastinator. With everything. Including this blog. But I am working on it. So keep reading and love me. 
  3. I went HAM on eggs the past few weeks and those little bitches gave me chin pimples which I really cant handle. Doesn’t my face know I only use makeup from Target so clearly I am not able to cover that shit up?!
  4. It is the WORST having a sick husband. They seem to lose all sense of how serious their sickness is, revert back to childhood and for some reason eat everything in sight. 
  5.  I hate lists that don’t have a normal amount of points so I had to add this one. 

The Shaw house is finally in the clear of whatever throat burning sickness that invaded our house so I am going to share my home remedies for all things gross. I am not a fan of medicine of any kind. It is very disruptive to the balance of your body and doesn’t promote real healing, just masking of symptoms. Billys method of inhaling everything in sight is also not the ideal method either. Feeding the inflammation and bacteria with comfort foods and sugar will only prolong your sickness and not give your body any of the nutrition it needs. Over the past year I have managed to avoid or greatly decrease the severity and length of any sickness that comes into our house. Here are my go to remedies: 

  1. Hydrate: Make sure you are drinking enough throughout the day. Water promotes healing and flushes waste and toxins and contributes to natural healing. 
  2. Humidify your life: Put a humidifier in your room and takea hot shower to soothe your sore throat and nasal passages. Bacteria thrive in dry environments so basically drown those bastards. 
  3. Herbal Tea: Warm your black soul, soothe your throat and get some extra vitamin C in your system with a mug of tea and lemon juice. I love Traditional Medicinal Throat Coat. It is caffeine free and if you can NOT resist a hot toddy…. it makes a great one (ps. alcohol definitely isn’t recommended during healing). 
  4. Garlic: Sounds gross, works wonders. Coming from a girl that used to pop ibuprofen like candy I know this seems like a no go. But personally this has been my absolute go to and hasn’t failed me yet. Peel and smash one clove of garlic and let rest for 5-10 minutes. Cover with honey and swallow. Do this every few hours, pray your husband really loves your stinky ass and make sure you wear a snowsuit to work to keep your stink in the next day. 
  5. Oil of Oregano: The earth’s natural antibiotic! Gargle with a few drops in water and enjoy the pizza effect it has on your breath. It comes in liquid or pill form. A personal fav is oregonal. Since this is an antibiotic make sure you only take this during sickness and follow it with some gut healing probiotics to restore your natural gut health. 
  6. Probiotics: A huge part of your immune system is in your gut so take care of it! A normal go to for me is Kombucha but you can also take a probiotic supplement. 
  7. Bone broth: The comfort of soup without the crap ingredients in a can of campbells. You can google it and find 1000000 recipes on broth rich in minerals and belly soothing properties. 
  8. Sleep: If you are like me you hate wasting time sleeping, getting off your workout schedule, and being generally lazy watching TV on the couch. But rest and sleep are so important for your immune system health and body healing. So binge on trashy reality tv, my personal method, go to sleep early and let your husb take care of you. 
  9. Bonus: Apple cider vinegar – Said to have many magical properties such as balancing your internal pH, enzymes, decreases inflammation and boosts immune support. You will find very different opinions on this, but I drink 2 tbsp in water every morning with a little lemon juice. 
  10. Bonus 2: Magnesium – Most of us are normally deficient so a supplement in powder or bath form can always help! Magnesium helps with muscle recovery, pain recovery. It will help you sleep and DOUBLE BONUS it will help you poop. 

As for the husband? That is the hard part. Give them some love and ride it out. If they are like mine, be prepared for miserable, moody and full of complaints. Just know they don’t mean it. Once we are feeling fully back to normal we will be back to our regular workout schedule and I will share our circuit! 

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