Buying a house will really make you lose a few months of your life with all the endless projects BUT…. I’m Back! After getting settled in and having some time to realize what I really enjoyed doing, I decided to take my blog in a different direction (as you can see by the name change)! Now you can read endless blogs about my tool obsessions, projects, DIY tips, travel stories, donut making and anything else I feel fits into a woodworking girls life! There are still a few blogs up from the past year because I couldnt bring myself to delete the hilarious stories and stresses of house buying! You can also follow my day to day stain covered self on instagram @elyseexplores. And just to warn you like half if my IG stories will be about my dog because she is better than all of us. 

  You can read my DIY and wood working beginnings in the about me section, but i wanted to share how I got started and a few of my first projects with you! These will never get their own blog but I still want to show you my first builds! I will link to where I got the plans with each project. 

I am sure they could all use their own story especially with all the stress, tears and ruined clothes. But here we go in the order I did them! 

First was this awesome coffee table. Plans by Ana White HERE. It might look a little ambitious for my first project, but I was REALLY excited to start replacing all of our hand me down furniture. This was where I learned of my intense dislike of sanding/ staining/ finishing in general. I have zero patience. I need instant gratification and this is DEFINITELY not that. This is the reason why I kill mass amounts of plants every year when I try to have a garden. Im working on it.

Next I made a giant cubby system and bench for the garage so my husband and his sweaty friends had somewhere to put all their things. Weirdly enough I cant find the plans for the cubbies but you can find the bench plans HERE. This thing was is a monster. Like can’t move it on your own style monster. It might not look like it, but come try to lift it off my wall. 

At this point I was %10000 percent obsessed with tools and building. All of my money spending was slowly shifting from Target to Home depot. I KNOW. BLASPHEMY. That is a lie. I still send my paycheck directly to target. Anyway. Our anniversary was around this time and since we bought a house this year and still had a lot to do we decided not to do presents or anything. Problem is, we can never stick to that. So look what my amazing husband got me!! 


After that I needed to focus on my shop so I could keep building more for the house! I LOVE having a shop but I do not love the style of the guy before us. Total shit. He was such a DIY’er … its too bad he was terrible at it. 

Next up I needed a funtional workbench! My shop came with a beast of a bench but it was attached to the wall which wasn’t very useful for building any kind of table top. So I decided to remove it when I was definitely home alone with no one to help  me. Turns out this weights like 300 pounds and it almost crushed me to death. Yeah. Not my finest moment. 

So once I got over the trauma, I gave it away on facebook marketplace. And I didnt get murdered. Win. 

I was looking for something easy and functional so I went with THESE plans by Shanty 2 Chic. 

Ignore the hideous paint color. NOT my choice. 

Next. I saw plans for a Miter Saw bench and I was OBSESSED. Look at THIS. Exactly. Clearly I had to have it. And I love it! I did not love spending like $50 for 4 locking casters for each bench… but they are worth it. 

And FINALLY. A few quick scarp wood projects that I just so happen to love!

A holder for your massive mugs (PLANS): 

A DIY mirror transformation (PLANS):

Thanks for hanging in there! Now we are all up to speed and ready for the current project! Check back twice a week for updates on projects, DIY, tool, reviews, travel, animal things, donuts and whatever else I feel you need to know! Until then, follow me on Instagram @elyseexplores !! 

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