Hi! I am Elyse, the creator of The Sawdust Confidential. I am a self taught, tool obsessed DIY’er. My knowledge of power tools and how to shop for lumber was at 0% until we bought a house so dont be afraid to try! It might turn into an awesome obsession and a house you can brag about! So 
here is where you can find all of my step by step projects, collabs, learning experiences and plans! This is also a place for people (like me) that arent so into blogs about beauty and fashion. This is for the people who are usually covered in saw dust and would rather spend their time traveling and exploring. 


It all started in January 2017 when my husband (Billy) and I bought a house! I am in LOVE with this house, but let me tell you. When we first saw this house it smelled like cat pee and looked like not a thing had changed since the day it was decorated in 1959. I am not joking… we have a carpet wall. Let that sink it. A CARPET WALL. So yeah, I had to love this house to buy that right? But once you got past all the paneling and carpets (on the floor for once) and half assed DIY from the previous owner… you reach the best room in the house. A WORK SHOP! A pretty functional, air conditioned work shop. And that is how I got started on my DIY obsession. A work shop, an ugly house and a few blogs to keep me going! 

A little more about me (SInce I know you are wondering!). I have been married for 3 years to an amazing guy named Billy. He used to be a chef and I LOVE food so you might see a little of that on here too! We have no kids, 2 chihuahua mixes, a cattle dog and a one eyed cat. They are all rescues and my crew! I have a full time job so I do all of this in my spare time. I am also a pretty great baker. You HAVE to try my donuts. They will blow your mind. Sometimes I have purple hair. All of the time I am wearing spandex. If tight pants offend you, then this might not be the blog for you. The limit does not exist on the amount on Nike Pro shorts I can own. 

After all that… lets get to it!